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Monday, June 18, 2007

As the weather was awful this morning I decided to do the indoor jobs (like mending) instead of worrying about not gardening.

The afternoon brightened, everything dried out and I was able to do a bit after dinner. This consisted of weeding, bean training and cucumber and tomato supporting.

I also saw that the tops of the garlic had gone brown since last week and so these are now harvested too. I'm sure that is very early! They are now hanging, to dry off a bit, in the tunnel...

The bed where the garlic was will now have the broccoli, brussels sprouts and some winter cabbages. Might get round to that tomorrow...!

I also need to go and check the plot....I haven't been there since last Thursday. It won't have come to any harm as the rain has done the watering for me, and I did hoe all rund on Thursday. I;ll bet it'll need hoeing again already though. So tomorrow I'll get down there in the mrning whilst it is still so shady, then back to here for the afternoon continuation of the weeding.


At 18/6/07 9:03 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I find those indoor jobs so boring compared to being outside and watch the skies eagerly for an excuse to get out in the garden.

At 19/6/07 12:33 pm, Blogger She Who Digs said...

Snap! I dug up me garlic yesterday and laid them out to dry in the greenhouse. Is this right or should they be in the cool/dark in the shed? Couldn't leave them in the house as the smell was too strong! SWD

At 19/6/07 12:57 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I did the same last year and they dried off beautifully. In fact they have lasted until now...I still have about 15 perfectly edible bulbs left from last year.
I didn't leave them in the g'house once they were dried and strung though. An airy shed will do best for them then as long as it is frost free.

At 21/6/07 4:12 pm, Blogger She Who Digs said...

If I string them together in a plait once dry, (like the French!) will it matter that the leaves are covered in rust? Thanks, SWD

At 21/6/07 5:15 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I'm not sure.
Mine have little rust coloured spots on the outer leaves. I was going to pull these off and then string them once dry. Hope they'll be ok!


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