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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Managed two rows of digging and three buckets of weed roots this afternoon. We spent the morning at the hospital getting DH sorted out. (The surgeon removed the "packing" from his ear and he now feels much much better!)

As well as the digging I set up markers for the permanent beds.....3'6" wide with 18" pathways. I know 4 ft is the optimum but I can't manage that deep. I have room for 8 beds like that running east to west across the full plot, but not running up the bank. 8 beds fits nicely into a 4 year crop rotation.

I also hoed around the rhubarb and the fruit bushes. I can see some sprouting from the raspberries but most of them are dead twigs at the moment!

This is the bit I have left to do....just about half the plot. The plotholders who want the greenhouse frame will be moving it shortly and then I can start on the manure. That will go into the first two beds for the spuds. I'll spread it before we rotovate.

It was really lovely weather there today.....! Now I'm off to walk the dogs ...probably through the allotments!
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At 15/3/07 5:37 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Glad DH is ok. Enjoy your walk.

At 15/3/07 6:44 pm, Blogger Norman Huppert said...


You stated that you had planted your potato eye's, after you cut them off of the potato, and how did you cut them off, I have heard to cut the potato into 1/4's with one of the containing the eye you want to plant. What was your spacing between the planted eye's and how deep did you plant the eye's into the soil?
Thank you.

At 15/3/07 8:39 pm, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I'm at a complete loss as to where you saw that in my blog as I have never tried it. I understand that that is what the poor folk in Ireland used to do but so far I have only used seed potatoes.
If you are referring to sweet potatoes these were not a great success last year. And I planted some in pots and some in the ground. Actually the ones in the ground did far better than those in pots. I got the "slips" from Thompson and Morgan.
I wish I could help with the "eye" planting project. If you manage to do it I'd love to hear about it....!

At 16/3/07 11:18 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

It is all looking really good - you have worked miracles in the short space of time you have had it.


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