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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Photo a day....14th March.

Today I'm doing a series of photos of our walk this afternoon.....!

We often walk through the allotments, because I like to say hello to everyone, and to get my allotment "fix" on days when I can't get there to work.

Here is a picture from the hauling way of the first few plots. I took it so that I can see what progress everyone makes as the seasons change.

There were 9 different sets of people there! So we went through quite slowly, nattering as we went.

The osteopath gave me the all-clear this morning so tomorrow I'll be digging again!
After the allotments we decided to go along the footpath behind the holiday camp. Lulu loves it but it is very muddy in the winter. I decided to chance it though.

We start off by the entrance to the camp....Saltern's Holiday Bungalows at Seaview. If you have Google Earth you can find it by asking to go to PO34 5AQ. And if you want to find out about staying there go to

This is the shop on the left.....just a simple shop and reception desk. The camp is very pool (the sea is no distance away), a small games room, a childrens' playground.....54 family bungalows, 24 beach bungalows (no children there) and that's it!
The view from the chalets looks across a bird sanctuary with a hide, towards the Flamingo hear them calling. And there are always lots of birds, ducks and geese, walking around the camp.

Here is another view of the view...!
Whoops...I thought I'd loaded more photos....looks like I'll have to do another post!!!!
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At 15/3/07 9:19 am, Blogger Libbys Blog said...

How lovely, allotments and holidays two of my favourite things!!


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