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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Photo a day....14th March continued....!

The chalet you can see through the gap is the one we had many years on the trot at Whitsun. It has an uninterrupted view of the countryside.
Here are some of the bigger ones at the back of the camp.
This is the footpath I was using with the dogs. It is called The Barnsley Trail. I can let them run free along here and they love it!

From further up the footpath we get this view of the camp through the trees. You can see the Solent in the background.

At Whitsun again this year my extended family are coming again to stay mob-handed. as they, and we, have done for nearly 50 years! (Actually 49 years....first at Pondwell and then from 1958 this camp when it was newly built.)
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