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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This morning I spent two hours at the plot. One hour digging....two buckets of white weed roots. Then I spent an hour moving the big bonfire pile to the bank against the fence....and the incinerator, so that I have the next bit I want to dig clear for work.

My neighbour plotter came to dig also and he was most concerned that I wasn't going to light the pile as a bonfire as it was so close to the fence......I assured him I wasn't. But I bet he worried for a good few minutes before saying anything ....! He shouldn't have....I don't get upset easily! I'd rather people said something before a big gaffe rather than wait until afterwards!!!!

Everywhere you looked at the plots this morning there was someone bending over digging. It was sunny and warm and a real delight to be there.

This afternoon I have to be at home for the dogs so I took the opportunity to finish moving the soil into this bed...and then moved all the strawberry plants from all over the garden to here. Then it had a good mulch with my own compost. It just wants some rain now to settle it all in and they'll be away. One of the plants has some strawberries on already. I snapped it but you can't really make them out in the photo so I have binned it.

The red bucket in front of the wormery is full of worm liquid. This is a very good fertiliser when diluted (1 to 10 I think) and I will soon be using it to water the beds in the tunnel and some of these beds...the strawberry one and the asparagus one alongside it.

I also cleaned the bed I took most of the strawberries from, spread some Farmura all over it, and laid clear plastic (with holes in ) all over it to deter the cats from digging it, to warm the soil, and to hopefully encourage weeds to germinate so that I can hoe them off before sowing. The bed will be a new Sq Ft bed this year.

Now I have to walk the dogs! Then I will get time to sit and ease my poor back!
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At 31/1/07 5:12 pm, Blogger Annie said...

You've worked hard and deserve a lovely little rest now. Just think, not too long from now you will be able to pop a strawberry in your mouth as you lean back in your easy chair.

At 1/2/07 4:39 am, Blogger photowannabe said...

Your hard work will soon see wonderful results. Your own delicious veggies and sweet strawberries. How special for you.

At 1/2/07 7:38 am, Blogger RUTH said...

Have often thought of having a wormery.....reading about yours will spur me on.


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