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Friday, February 27, 2009

Seed sowing at last!

The weather is milder and sunny and I am very very fed up with not being able to do the garden or the plot because I have been laid up with a cold/sore throat thingy. Today though DH "allowed" me to go into the polytunnel as it was very warm in there. So I took the opportunity to sow my February seeds.....!

It was beautifully warm in the tunnel and a pleasure to be out there....except that it still stinks of Jeyes Fluid.

(Top picture from right to left) I have now sowed

a whole rootrainer's worth of Sweet Peas (Spencer Mixed),

one of Broad Beans (Witkiem Manita, I have some already 1 ft high at the plot but these can be a following crop), and

one of Peas (Meteor).

Two small flats of onions....Walla Walla and Rjinsberger.

6 seeds of Sweet Pea "Knee High" (left over from last year)

3 modules of Dill

and I have potted on some plugs of Pulsatilla that came free with my spud order.

In the propagator which I will install indoors on the wndowsill are

Tomatoes (Auntie Madge from the Heritage Seed Library, Red Alert, Costuluto Fiorintino and randywine)

Aubergines (Calliope Hybrid, and Melanzana Violetta di Firenze.)


Luffas (loofahs)



So I don't feel so bad about my new season now as I am not too far behind.

I still need to finish re-organising the beds in the tunnel, and setting up the irrigation system. And I am desperate to get to the plot with some pallets to make my bed edges. Next week perhaps.


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