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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seed Sorting

I had to be inside this morning to listen out for the phone , so I decided to sort through my seed drawer, and organise it. The polytunnel handbook from Amazon came in a small cardboard package which provided perfect dividers for the drawer.

I also sorted out the seeds I need for the January and February sowings....these are bulldog clipped now.Along the windowsill in our sunroom (north facing so never hot!) I keep the squashes and pumpkins from last year's harvest. We still have 10 left....of all sorts of varieties. I display them like this because they look good and I like to show off!!! The pelargoniums are ones I grew from tiny seedlings last year. They will go into the garden this year and I'll start again with more when they come into the garden centre

So....this is how it looks now! A productive morning! (I should have done some before shots but I always forget.)


At 16/1/09 9:12 am, Blogger Matron said...

Now those seeds look like they are in some sort of sensible and tidy order! Mine are in a number of different shaped biscuit tins in the garage! I keep meaning to sort them all out one day!

At 18/1/09 1:51 pm, Blogger Libby said...

I have bought lots of seeds but have still to organise myself in what needs planting when!!!
Thank you for the link for th A-toms, by the way

At 20/1/09 10:43 am, Anonymous Tom Eaglestone said...


What a lovely and informative blog. I was wondering if you could link my blog ( on yours please. My blog is where, like you, I am championing ‘grow your own’ and general gardening as well as writing about all things I find interesting in garden design.

I am going to link yours on mine for people to read.

Many thanks


At 23/1/09 10:05 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

well, I should be sorting my seeds..... but I'm reading blogs instead............

At 25/1/09 11:57 am, Blogger mc55 said...

wow, I've got seed organiser envy ... mine live in several carrier bags and the odd packet keeps appearing when we have a tidy up

At 22/2/09 3:31 am, Anonymous Andy @ Retire at 40 said...

I love that time of year when you're just getting ready to plant the seeds out. I haven't a garden this year unfortunately and I miss it so much. Hopefully when I'm (semi-)retired like you, I'll be able to enjoy it even more than I have the past few years (and hopefully the next few years too).


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