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Monday, January 12, 2009

Have a look at these....!

In the Times this morning.
If you can't read the print it says...
"Hens rescued from a battery farm sport 'chicken jumpers' knitted by members of the local WI. The battery hens, which are kept on an allotment in Blisworth, Northamptonshire, have fewer feathers than their free-range counterparts and need the sweater to adapt to the outdoor life".

I bet the jumpers don't look like that for long!


At 12/1/09 5:59 pm, Blogger Rhonda Jean said...

hello Lilymarlene, for some reason the photo isn't showing itself. I'll come back later to look again. Sounds like a real scream though. How wonderful of those ladies to knot the jumpers.

At 12/1/09 8:37 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

What a picture! My brother used to keep hens and had some ex battery ones. They did eventually grow back all their feathers. They lived to an old age and were still laying to the end.


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