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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seed Swap

I read in the Sunday Times today about a website where we can swap surplus seeds......

I visited the site and although there are not many seeds there as yet I can see that this could be a wonderful resource for those of us who only use part packets.
I spotted some that I want and have been looking for since hearing about them on Gardener's World last year. Joy Larkom swears by Squash "Crown Prince" as being a long keeper. I have hunted in vain for these seeds here on the island and at last have found them on the seed swap.....brilliant.

Now I must look through my surplus seeds and enter them on the site..... (Then I must get hold of some of those tiny cellophane packets, or some brown paper wage packets ready for the expected rush for my offerings!)


At 11/1/09 4:55 pm, Blogger patientgardener said...

Hi - this sounds great. I will check it out as well. I never sow a whole packet so it might be useful

At 14/1/09 8:47 am, Blogger The Allotment Blogger said...

We have a Seedy Sunday (1 February) in Hove Town Hall where you can go and swap in person - it's a great idea to do it online as well. I wonder where you get those little seed envelopes ...


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