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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Forgot to take my camera

I forgot to take my camera to the plot today so I can't show you that half the plot is now ready for planting up. There are still 7 beds which need a lot of attention. I started digging the (this year's) brassica bed, but given that I had trodden it down well when I planted out the little cabbages etc, and the amount of rain we had in January, it was much too sticky for proper weeding. I like to dig and weed when the soil crumbles and can be shaken off the weed roots...and it was far from that today.
So I did some grass cutting along the edge of the communal path, finger weeded the rest of the beetroot bed, and spread the muck on bed 1 which has had a pile of manure on it since November. When I'd loosened the soil and spread the muck I took the covering off the next bed up and transferred it to bed 1. The next bed had a huge amount of manure spread on it in November and it looks to be in really good heart now.
Beds 1 to 4 are for the spuds this year. Bed 4 still has leeks in...which I will move soon. (I will heel them in in an unwanted (til courgette time) bed as recommended here


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