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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too wet!

It was very soggy when I went to the plot this afternoon. It was too wet to dig or weed, so discretion prevailed over valour and I came home to get on with other things.
I'll try again tomorrow.
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At 21/1/09 8:49 pm, Blogger Matron said...

I do sympathize. My expedition to the veg patch yesterday involved wellingtons and 6" of ground water.

At 21/1/09 9:06 pm, Anonymous easygardener said...

Just when I think things are improving it rains or we get frost - a grey day then a sunny day, or a mix of all four. Perhaps next month will be more settled!

At 22/1/09 7:46 am, Blogger Libby said...

Looks like it could be wet for a few days too!!!

At 26/1/09 11:09 pm, Anonymous Lottie said...

I know the feeling all to well - and your area is drier and warmer than ours and you had sunshine!

At 28/1/09 7:57 am, Anonymous Liz said...

It is so frustrating at this time of you - I always want to get out on the plot but the weather is always against me!


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