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Monday, September 15, 2008

Muck Spreading!

As it was fine but not too hot yesterday afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and start emptying the manure bay of the compost heap. It was full of bindweed roots.....doesn't that get busy when you turn your back! (See the pile on the left)
I have shifted about 20 barrow loads (small ones as I was a bit stiff).

I was very surprised to find no worms at all in it!
This is the bed nearest the shed which will be spuds next spring. I have heaped about a 4 inch layer of manure on here and covered it with an old tarp to help keep it moist. This variety of manure dries into hard lumps which the worms won't touch in a hurry so it is best to keep a moist atmosphere around it. I am hoping the tarp will do the trick, and smother the weeds.

I am also heaping the manure that will be wanted on the bed behind, when we have eaten the leeks, into the path between the two beds. I have nowhere better to store this so this'll have to do.
A different shot showing the ex-sweetcorn bed, also with a 4 inch layer of manure and covered with black plastic.

The pile between the bean teepees in due to be spread on that bed when the beans are finished.

I'll be going back today to finish the job. of emptying the bay. I need the spare bay for the compost turning.

I saw and spoke to a neighbour plotholder who has his manure delivered in bags. I will now be getting mine from the same supplier....and will also get some for here at home
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