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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We spent the morning sitting in the waiting room at the hospital for DH to see the eye specialist. As the appointment was for 9am I didn't take my knitting....we weren't seen til 11.10 so you can imagine how fed up we were.

So, that explains why there has been a serious lack of plot gardening today! But I did do some work in the tunnel (boy was it hot!) I planted out one bed with tomatoes, marigolds, and tomatilloes. And I got another bed ready to put toms in tomorrow. I also sowed seeds of lettuce and broccoli.

Here you can see the little sempervivum collection in its pot. I have stood it with the others by the front door. All the other pots were refreshed this week. I lined the terracotta ones with plastic, and add lots of water retaining gel. This should mean less wilting this year.
The pots look a bit sparse but I have jam-packed them with plants. I like the overblown look rather than being able to see the soil. The plants will soon fill out.

The Sempervivums look a little out of place in the row. But I can't have the big pot in the back garden as Freddie is prone to "anointing" the pot frequently!!!
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At 3/5/07 6:35 am, Blogger RUTH said...

The pot looks lovely! Sorry to hear about your long wait....have had many a one myself and no how irritating it can be. Hope the news was good.

At 3/5/07 8:00 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

It was inconclusive....! It wasn't his ear playing up, but possibly a detached retina (I know that doesn't make sense.....too long to explain!) We have to go back in 4 weeks.

At 3/5/07 11:01 am, Anonymous Lorraine said...

Lovely shot of the sempervivums. Yes, wasn't it hot yesterday ! Not so today - I'm feeling quite cool up here.


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