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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today I had to be here so still not been to the plot this week!
I worked in the back garden instead. I transplanted these lettuces into one of the deep beds. There are 8 winter density, and 12 Celtuce (first time I've tried these). hey have been hardened off but I'm using the cloche to keep the cats off until they are a bit stronger.

This is the other bed that is already pretty full.....the beans will go down the middle next month. The mange-tout peas on the lower right were slow to come through but seem to be growing now.

The Sq Ft plantings on the left are doing OK. The radishes (Rat's Tail) at the front are romping, the salsify next to them are up and growing. The turnips next are a bit varied, then the radishes with parsnips are flourishing. The carrots behind them and the spring onions will possibly need re-sowing as they are very sparse.
The broad beans are really showing off now. I think we'll be picking next week if we get some rain. The pods are beginning to fill out.The garlic is growing well too.
In the tunnel my pomegranate grown from seed is now 4 inches tall. I moved it into this huge pot as I'm scared of it drying out in the small one and losing it.

Lots more photos to come but blogger goes on strike if I put in more than 4 at once!!!!
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At 26/4/07 9:14 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Everything seems to be doing so well. I love your pomegranate plant!


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