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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Woke with a very bad back this morning so no digging today. I did plant out (from a stool) my sweet peas, leeks and climbing edible peas into the deep beds in the Kitchen Garden. Also weeded the strawberry bed and the new asparagus bed again.
After dinner I went to water the plot beds and mulch the spuds with some grass cuttings. I finger weeded the onions, carrots and peas. I had wanted to hoe the baby weeds between the rows but stupidly watered first.....hoeing wont work when it is wet. I'll do it tomorrow.

It was 21deg C in the shade here this afternoon out of the wind in the back garden.....that'll do!

In the tunnel I sowed sweetcorn and some yard long beans into rootrainers. The leeks, sweet peas and climbing peas were taking up most of my rootrainers ...hence the delay in sowing!

Had two tasty strawberries from the tunnel.....gardener's perks!! The outside strawberries are covered with flowers, so we should be in for some wonderful breakfasts and puddings soon.....!


At 21/4/07 8:40 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

I'm sorry to here your back is playing you up again. Please take care. The strawberries sound wonderful, a long way to go before ours fruit.

At 21/4/07 8:44 pm, Anonymous Lorraine said...

Funny how we can't stop gardening - even with a bad back !!! Hope it feels better tomorrow. Yes...brilliant weather eh ?

At 22/4/07 12:18 pm, Anonymous kethry said...

a bad back is *not* good!! I hope it heals up soon.

strawberries: the ones i planted have started to flower too, and we're a lot further north of you!! I hope too it means we'll get some nice fruit soon.. i haven't harvested anything from the garden yet and it would be nice to do so.



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