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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Any photo of the plot today would just be a repeat, so no picture.

I went and dug out three tub trugs of weeds, plus a load of broken glass...dangerous!

The huge beech tree above my plot has come into leaf in the last couple of days and the plot is mostly in shade until after lunch. At three today the sun was just getting to the raspberries. I understand they are naturally woodland plants so they wont mind too much. The rest of the garden does get at least 6 hours of sunlight so it should be enough. The watering that I did last night was still obvious when I arrived after lunch.

Chris on the next door plot to me found some keys on his plot when digging. The keyring had a V on it so we think it may be Valerie's. She used to have that plot years ago....! She just does the one behind Chris now. When she next spends a weekend here (lives in London) she'll have such a surprise....hope she still has the appropriate locks!

One of the older plot holders has swede seedlings 3 inches high. The news spread like wildfire and they were all busy putting in their swedes this afternoon. Apparently they are at the stage not normally attained til July. I wouldn't know as I have never grown them.

It was really warm in spite of the slight wind. All the men took their shirts off, and I only had a thin frock on, over my underwear. I do hope this weather lasts although we could do with some night for preference. My water butts are all empty, except for the bathwater one. According to Metcheck we are not due any rain until next Tuesday or Wednesday. I expect we wont even get that though....we didn't get the last lot they promised.


At 19/4/07 10:02 pm, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

Everything is looking so good.

It is amazing what little treasures surface on plots after years!

No wonder you didn't take any photos - all those half naked men about - I am surprised you got as much done as you said!


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