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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Photo a day....22nd April.

Another photo from our walk on Friday.

We don't have many fields of rape here on the Island (unlike Kent where we used to live) so I was glad to smell the air by this one.
In the foreground is a salt marsh.......there were patches of drying seaweed on the edges which (I think!) smelled wonderful! (The river estuary is to our left, out of shot.)

I think I can say it was an "aromatic" walk!!!
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At 22/4/07 1:01 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

Scents can be so evocative. I can close my eyes and imagine an English country lane whenever I smell Queen Anne's Lace.

At 22/4/07 1:37 pm, Blogger talj said...

Looks like a lovely walk...glad I live in the city now as I don't seem to have very bad hayfever at all yet! :o)

Have a nice Sunday :o)


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