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Friday, January 19, 2007

Photo a day.....19th January.

This is the beach closest to home. It is called Priory Bay. We walk down our road to sea level, through an alleyway, then over some rocks and we're there. (As you can see.....Lulu used to enjoy the beach!)

This beach is very private.....there are no buildings there, no cars can get there, no ice cream vans......nothing.

Beyond the rocks it sweeps round in an arc of beautiful clean sand. The beach is so deep we often find youngsters camp at the back of the beach overnight, above the usual tide-line.

The trees at the back of the photo mark the end of this bay and the beginning of the one where the fort is that we walk round in August. The Fort is out of sight to the left of the picture.

The sea is very shallow for quite a distance, so the sea warms up fast when the tide is in and it is sunny. We have seen kids paddling here in April!
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At 19/1/07 9:03 am, Blogger RUTH said...

I love walking alon the beech; esp when the tide is out and the rocks and rock pools are in view. Many a happy childhood memory!

At 19/1/07 10:08 am, Anonymous Allotment Lady said...

I must persuade Pat to bring me to visit.

It looks fantastic

At 19/1/07 12:28 pm, Blogger Sheila said...

This brings back memories of summer hols as a child. I haven't been here, but your description reminded me of paddling around rock pools, after the tide goes out. I love the smell of the sea..I don't notice it in North America for some reason, only when we are in Britan or Portugal (and that isn't often enough unfortunately !)

At 19/1/07 2:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some beautiful beaches there waiting for the granchildren to get a little older, then we will have a few weekends there...

At 19/1/07 3:33 pm, Anonymous Jodie said...

Gorgeous photo. That brings back so many memories of walking to the end of the bay and running through the woods screaming like banshees! Good ol'Isle of Wight.

At 19/1/07 11:52 pm, Blogger mrsnesbitt said...

Isle of Wight is a possible visit later this year!

At 20/1/07 3:00 am, Blogger Petunia's Gardener said...

You live is such a wonderful spot!


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