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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spuds in....well some of them!

A little late I managed to get the first earlies (Foremost) and my salad potatoes (Charlotte) into the ground. It was rather claggy and shouldn't really have been dug etc but I stood on some boards to minimise compaction of the soil.
I will leave the Desiree maincrop 'til the traditional planting day...Good Friday.
The photo shows how much spring digging I still have to do. Actually I don't dig any more as these are deep beds but a bit of tidying up is called for. Usually I use a hoe, with a fork for the big weeds, although most of them just slip out without a lot of resistance. I pulled up 18" long dandelion roots with just a little bit of twisting last week.

I must say I've had enough of the rain now. I really enjoyed last week's sunshine but it seems to have gone away. The long range forecast for this part of the UK gives SLEET for next well as rain most other days......sigh!
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At 25/3/10 7:21 am, Blogger Matron said...

Ah yes! I got going with a trowell and filled two garden bags with dandelion and dock plants! Quite satisfying when you stand back and look at your hard work. I must get my potatoes in too, though I was also waiting for Good Friday but will get some in now. I have rocket, charlotte and Vitelotte (purple)

At 25/3/10 9:46 am, Blogger Sue Garrett said...

NOt too late - we never put potatoes in until April - earlies included and they seem to do well.

At 25/3/10 2:50 pm, Anonymous wellrooted said...

April at the earliest, they will just lay dorment before then anyway! Great looking plot.

At 26/3/10 9:04 pm, Blogger clairesgarden said...

i've some potatoes in buckets in teh greenhouse, the rest are waiting for some time and a nice weekend to put them in buckets that will go outside, no room for potatoes in the ground!
and I am fed up with the rain too.


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