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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Plot tidy-up

When I got to the plot on Monday morning another plotholder asked if I'd like to see something funny! e showed me these....little tiny parsnip plants. The funny thing is that he sowed these seeds in early May!!!!!!

I picked a good few raspberries....I keep predicting a last pick but I suspect there will be more still to come.
I spent 4 hours yesterday cleaning these two beds. The lh one was the sweetcorn, squash bed all summer, the rh one was first early spuds. They are now thoroughly weeded out and sown with Phacelia green manure for the winter as I have no crops waiting to go here. I'm not sure what they'll be next year....must look at the rotation plan.

I really need to hoe all the paths at the top of the plot as the grass is getting rather thick....on second thoughts it would probably be better to get the roots out too.

I also pulled up the last pumpkin bine that wove its way all through the comfrey at the back of the plot. It had one pumpkin on it about a foot in diameter, which is now at home drying....!

Next job to tackle here is weeding the fruit area of the bank and cutting the comfrey for the compost again.. I will also move some more of the comfrey roots along the part of the fence that I haven't used yet. I intend to have them all along the back fence soon. I feel they should form a good barrier as I seem to remember reading somewhere once that their roots can deter bindweed....but I was probably dreaming it!
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At 24/9/08 7:59 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

whoohoo a pumkin! I love to grow them but have never been as succesful as my first year when I got three! sometimes nothing and last year one, this year two.


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