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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not much gardening done today...I have been busy....!

36 years ago today we were married. So this is our Anniversary. How young we looked....actually I was just 22 and he was 26. I still have the dress. I did get into it just to see if I could a couple of years ago after a diet. It wouldn't go on now as I am a bit heavier.
DH still has the tie......nothing else.

I made the dress myself for £5. We paid for most of the wedding ourselves as our parents couldn't afford it. We put most of our money into our house deposit. As Baby Boomers we had to buy as there was nothing available to rent. I am so glad we did as we are proud owners outright of our home now...!

DH bought me a new food processor for my present (prompted by me!). I have spent the day re-organising the kitchen worktops to accommodate it. I think I will now get rid of a lot of things like blenders and grinders and juicers and Kenwood Chefs, as this new machine does it all...! It even has an add and weigh function, and can be used simply as electronic scales it will live on the worktop rather than in a cupboard. That will make it more certain to get used...!

We had a quiet day otherwise. We are building up to being guests at a big wedding on Saturday and conserving our energy for that. DH is best man and we'll be putting up two couples I'll be busy.

For our 30th Anniversary we decided to celebrate by going to the US for a holiday. We were in New England on Sept 11th 2001 and once all the dreadful events started unfolding it made the day one we would never forget. We thought for a while we'd never get home. We were pretty scared.

BTW the cake was pink. That was a mistake, but there was nothing we could do about it at that late stage. I'd given the baker a picture of the cake I wanted copied, and the photo had a slightly pink cast to that is what he did!!!!! My Mum couldn't believe that I just accepted it and didn't throw a fit...! It doesn't show much in the photos.
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At 12/9/07 5:41 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Funny story about the wedding cake! bet you have been talking about that ever since? My parents were mid Atlantic on 9/11 sailing to NY on the QE2. They were diverted to Boston!

At 13/9/07 9:52 am, Blogger She Who Digs said...

Happy Anniversary- you married the day I was born! SWD

At 18/9/07 11:18 am, Blogger clodhopper said...

Congratulations on your anniversary....I bet he still looks great in just a tie ;-)

At 18/9/07 9:08 pm, Anonymous Jodie said...

What a fantastic photo. I love it - so retro!! Thanks for having us for lunch on Sunday. It was really lovely to see you and catch up. We ended up going to The Spyglass Inn in Ventnor and having the most amazing Fishermans Pie in the world. Going to make a special trip there every time we come to the IOW. I heartily recommend it.

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