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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Today's harvest

Here is today's harvest from my kitchen garden. We had the large broccoli head last week, but these little sprouts have come I picked them.
The cabbage hearts were solid so I cut them too. I left the stalks in the hopes of another picking of leaves later.

I thought it might be a good idea to look at the climbing beans carefully as I could see one bean hanging....what a surprise when I got all those green ones.....Climbing French Bean "Hunter". Always a reliable doer in the garden.

And the purple "Cosse Violette"....surprised to find them ready too. Not many yet, but they are only halfway up the arches at the moment.

And the very last of the peas. I would re-sow but have no suitable late ones.....! Better look at the seed catalogue....

I went briefly to the plot and harvested three whopping heads of broccoli "Marathon". I think I will have to freeze some of it as there is only so much that even greedy veg eaters like us can eat before they begin to go yellow!

I also picked the last of the broad beans (Sutton) that came from plants sown this spring. They had a bad case of blackfly (neglected by me as I didn't get there this last week...!)

I saw the plotter who is diagonally next door to me. She had heard that I am wanting to give up half of my plot and has now spoken for the lower half (next to the hedge, where the shed is at the moment) for her daughter who is coming home after doing some gardening courses. They won't want it yet, and I still have crops in there so we are all happy.
I will move the shed and the compost heap to the upper part of the plot (the less shady bit and the part where I have the fruit already, so was reluctant to let that bit go!)

So.....a productive day in more ways than one.