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Monday, June 21, 2010

Garlic Harvest

Well I must say I am pleased with these! For comparison I have put a purchased garlic bulb at the bottom of the picture. Over 60% of mine are bigger!!!!!
These are "Albigensian Wight". I bought the bulbs at The Garlic Farm here on the Isle of Wight and although my results are not as big as theirs I reckon they are not bad for a home harvest.....!
They were planted last Autumn, weeded a few times, and watered a lot this spring. Some are a bit over blown and will have to be used soon, but on the whole I am very satisfied with my haul!
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BTW the photo is clickable if you want to inspect the picture more closely!!!!!


At 21/6/10 9:43 am, Blogger Sue Garrett said...

I need to see if ours are ready to pick- we still have some left from last year. This year I'll try my hand at plaiting!


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