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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This morning..

This morning was the first time for ages when weather and opportunity coincided and I was able to get to the plot. The raspberries needed pruning and clearing round so a good hour was spent on that, Tomorrow I will go and spread some of my well rotted manure around them and then just wait for the harvest!
I also pruned the gooseberry. This was very fruitful last year and I am hoping for another good year.

Here are also some photos of the Kitchen Garden at home. These show that the beds are ready for the off....some are already full(onions, garlic, shallots and broadbeans, and some are just finishing with last year's broccoli and leeks. The strawberries, salad bed and the asparagus bed are all cleaned now. I also sprinkled a good dose of pelleted poultry manure on the relevant beds.

Still lots of tidying to do, and the bean and sweet pea arches are half built and need installing....but on the whole I am up to date out here.

Still plenty to do at the plot. The soil is wonderfully workable at the moment, but it is still too cold there to sow and expect reliable germination.
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At 10/3/10 4:56 pm, Blogger Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You worked hard! I did my berry bushes earlier since we had a very mild winter. Raspberries, blueberries and gooseberries have been pruned. I hope it'll help, especially to my standard gooseberry which was overgrown and neglected. My next post will be about it. Happy gardening to you!

At 10/3/10 10:52 pm, Blogger Lou@RainbowChard said...

Hello there...I wondered which beds you put the chicken manure pellets on? I've got some pellets but am not sure of the best way to use them....Any guidance would be appreciated! Many thanks

At 10/3/10 10:58 pm, Blogger Lou@RainbowChard said...

Hello there, I was wondering where you applied the chicken manure pellets? I've been given some but am not sure exactly where they can be put to best use. Any guidance would be most welcome!

At 11/3/10 6:16 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

I put them on the strawberries, the onions and garlic, the broad beans and the empty bed which I don't think will be carrots. (I might try doing carrots when they are well grown but not before as I don't want to risk forking.

At 11/3/10 8:05 am, Blogger Jan said...

There's nothing like gardening on a sunny, cold day, and your garden's looking good!

At 11/3/10 10:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Lily Marlene, Although I do not grow vegetables myself, largely on account of a shortage of space, I am always interested to read about others who do. From your pictures your kitchen garden looks to be very well organised for the season ahead. I imagine from your most striking 'header' picture that you grow gourds - so attractive to have.

The Isle of Wight is a lovely place to live. I divide my time between London and Budapest.

At 11/3/10 6:44 pm, Blogger Lou@RainbowChard said...

Great, thanks for the info.

PS. Sorry for leaving two comments - still getting the hang of this blogging lark!

At 13/3/10 11:16 am, Blogger Sue Garrett said...

Our autumn raasberries have been pruned too and new summer ones planted. Pity that they will not bare fruit this year - the new ones that is!


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