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Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy morning

It was very warm and sunny so I felt it was a good opportunity to get some big jobs done in the kitchen garden. These arches have been cluttering up the sun room for months but today they have finally been installed.
They run more or less East to West so the beds on the left in the photo will be quite shady once the various produce grows up and over the arches, so I must make sure to only put the sun lovers on the right!

These arches are my latest experiment for the climbing crops such as beans, sweet peas, tomatoes etc. I find wigwams less than satisfactory because I can't get at the stuff in the middle....

Planned crops for this year on these arches are
Borlotti beans
Runner beans
Climbing french beans
Sweet peas
Outdoor cucumbers
I will report on my success/failure....!

I have also filled the shallower of the two tunnel beds with a compost/vermiculite/John Innes 3 mix. I covered it all over with the empty bags to dissuade Scooby from using it as a toilet.
I took the photo during a dullish moment. The sun is out again now so I'm going back out!
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At 15/3/10 1:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those arches look lovely. I can imagine how they will look like in summer. Very nice.

At 15/3/10 10:38 pm, Blogger Jan said...

The arches sound like a great idea, and I can just imagine all the produce dangling down... fabulous!

At 23/3/10 3:55 am, Blogger Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

These arches look great! I'll be curious how your climbers like them.


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