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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

(For the pictures see my other post today....)
Photo 1
I spent an hour or so at the plot today digging in one of the beds of green manure, ready for my cabbage plants. It was planted with phacelia.....easy to dig in. Tomorrow I'll go and tread the bed down so it is firm for the brassicas.

The next two pictures show what the plot next to mine looks like. One of the other plotholders calls this one the Carpet Queen. I think she has been a bit busy elsewhere this summer.

The next three the interests of the messy bits of my plot! These are my project for this autumn. I will spread the manure which is under the tarpaulin, strim the weeds, have a bonfire of the piles of rubbish I have been collecting all summer (no bonfires allowed 1st April to September 30th), dig the soil and move a lot of the bank in front of the fence back on to the beds. The next door plotholder (south of me) said the previous people had moved all the top soil up onto the bank when they took up the weeds when they took it on. I thought some bits were lower than the paths.....! There should be enough to raise it a couple of inches.

This afternoon I tidied some of the back garden veg beds. I took down the trellis holding up the borlotti beans and took up the bines (leaving the roots in to do their bit.) I pulled off all the remaining beans. There were loads of really dry ones which I want as next years seed. There were some where the pods have swelled, but the beans are not dry...these we'll eat as shelled beans....delicious. And we had the green ones for dinner this evening. After that I weeded and dug the bed and will sow some green manure tomorrow. The bed is wanted for shallots and garlic which I'll be putting in in a few weeks time, so the phacelia will improve the fertility and also ensure the soil is not left empty.

I still have a mountain to do in the back garden. but we are off to E Germany for a week very early Monday and I have to leave the house presentable for the dog sitters, so I'm a bit busy!!!


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