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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The cabbage plants came from Marshall' I planted them this afternoon.
I put in 8 "Spring Hero", 8 "Peter", 8 Calabrese, and 8 Kale "Hungry Gap". I netted them against the pigeons. I also slug pelleted them as I'm sure they are a bit tender...!

I didn't have any cabbage collars at the plot. I think I should be safe at this time of year if I don't bother with them.....does anyone think I should put them on....if so I will!!!

There were 16 of each plant sent, but the others were for my new neighbour plotholder who only needed a few too. I have brussels sprouts plants here at home, and purple sprouting, so I think we'll have enough brassicas this winter.

We are off to E Germany next week for one posts will be scarce here. I might get to the plot once more before we go to check on the little plants and have a pick round, and the neighbour has said she'll keep an eye out for me too.
Behave yourselves while I'm away....!


At 1/10/07 4:52 pm, Blogger Matron said...

Good luck with your brassicas. I have built "Guantanamo Bay" around my cabbage patch this year. Hoping for some giant "January King".

At 2/10/07 3:44 pm, Blogger RUTH said...

Sorry to see you've had red x problems again...the 2 at a time seems to have worked though. Hope your cabbages get off to a flying start and have a fabulous time in Germany :o)

At 4/10/07 8:15 pm, Anonymous allotment lady said...

Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday - missed you - and of course I have been very good.

At 8/10/07 10:05 am, Blogger Melanie Rimmer said...

As for cabbage collars - I'd talk to your allotment neighbours. If they use collars, you should think about doing it, too. It's no use me saying "Well, I don't use them" because I garden in different conditions to you. I always butter up the old gents at our allotments, so I can pick their brains later. After all, they've been gardening these same plots for decades, some of them.

At 10/10/07 8:39 pm, Anonymous Stonehead said...

We love kale - particularly in kale brose, a sort of kale and oatmeal soup.

But do watch out for pigeons. We net as many of our beds as we can afford, but can't protect all of them and every pigeon for miles seems to know exactly when we've planted out a new batch of seedlings or when we've moved the nets to a different bed.

Still, I have an air rifle and pigeons do taste delicious...


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