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Monday, June 21, 2010

Spud harvest

The spuds in the pots were flopping about so I decided to empty one pot to see what was going on. Basically I hadn't watered them enough as the soil at the bottom was solid. The pots have a reservoir in the bottom but I wasn't giving them enough to fill it!

Anyway, although not an amazing yield I was delighted to get a sizeable haul from the pot. From 4 seed potatoes (about 200g total) I got 1.5kg of spuds. Charlotte. They are various sizes with the tiny ones being the size of my thumbnail. If I had watered properly they would also have mke a huge crop.

I have three more of the self-watering pots and have given them a good soaking today hoping that the spuds grow a bit more before we need them.

These were an experiment to see if I could transfer much of the spud growing to my garden here at home. I am pleased with these results and the knowledge gained.


At 22/6/10 7:04 am, Blogger clairesgarden said...

I grow all my potatoes in pots, they do need a lot of water. do oyou get 'hosepipe' bans where you are? I've got the hose on mine now for a half hour before I go to work. in this hot weather I've been doing that every two days.

At 22/6/10 7:32 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

As much as that? I'll bear that in mind!
We don't have a hosepipe ban, but we are metered for water, so I do like to watch what I do with it. Must make more of an effort with the spuds now though!


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