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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

When I went to my plot yesterday for the first time for two weeks (!!!) this was the sight that greeted me. Weeds flourishing in the beds and the paths grown over. The path between my plot and the neighbouring one, was 18" high in grass, and it was a job to get in the shed.
I spent hours weeding the spuds and earthing them up, weeding the cabbages, weeding and tilling the bed for the squashes and pumpkins, weeding and tilling the bed for the carrots and beets. When I had done all that it looked better but not pretty.
Then I heard John, a friendly man who spends a lot of time helping different plotholders, strimming. He seemed to be going from one to another. Aha! I thought. My husband is not well enough for the strimmer at the moment, and I can't start the bally thing, so I asked John if he'd do mine as well for a consideration. He said he would....for a very nominal price (hubby has told me to give him more when I do pay him) but that he couldn't do it until today as he hadn't enough petrol.
I went to the plot after lunch for some rhubarb for gifts, and this is what I saw. An immaculate job. I raked up the worst of it, pulled the rhubarb and am now home to sit in the shade. Very happy with my plot after having been so disappointed yesterday and worried that I'd never catch up.
I think I'll be giving up half or even all of the plot this autumn. It is getting too much for me to do as well as the garden at home. But I don't really have enough by just gardening at home. So sharing the plot might work. We are not allowed to sub-let, but the council are turning over the plots to the Parish Council and I am hoping that they will allow me to just keep a half, and supply someone else to have the other half.
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At 23/5/10 3:59 pm, Blogger Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I am wondering if John would like to travel over the pond, to Washington state? Your plot looks great!

At 23/5/10 4:10 pm, Blogger Jan said...

What a nice person!

At 23/5/10 5:17 pm, Blogger Sue Garrett said...

Can't you unofficially share. You pay the rental and your 'allotment partner' pay for seeds etc.

At 25/5/10 9:22 am, Anonymous Dee said...

I'm sure if you ask your council they would agree to you renting just half of the plot.Many councils are splitting plots up because of the waiting lists.When I took my plot on 4 years ago I was spoilt for choice,now they only let half plots

At 25/5/10 9:31 am, Blogger lilymarlene said...

The policy at the moment is that if you want a half plot you have to give up the full plot and take over a half plot somewhere else on the site.
But I am hoping that thigs'll be different when the Parish Council takes over the plots later this year.

At 3/6/10 6:46 pm, Anonymous Allotment Blogger said...

If only all tenants were as sensible and responsible as you - and how daft not to allow a plot-share! We've never got enough plots, our waiting list is more than four years long, and tenants that we've tried to get to drop their plot size by giving a half to somebody else, often refuse and six months later we have to terminate their tenancy because they haven't kept up the whole plot. You're approach is so much saner, I wish you were one of our tenants!


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